Tera + Alfredo

Alfredo and I met at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York and have been together as a team ever since.  Though we came from different worlds and traditions we shared the common threads of dedication to family and passion for being creative.

Alfredo’s journey to becoming a great Chef started in an Italian speaking household where his Father from Naples Italy was the Chef / Owner of a Pizzeria and his Grandmother also from Naples, held court as the Executive Chef of her household.  Alfredo grew up on love, Pizza, Pasta and summers in Italy with cousins and lots of family. I sought experiences away from where I grew up in Fairbanks Alaska and ventured off to Art School in New York City.  I never counted being interested in the food, bakeries and markets as much as the museums, so I changed directions and headed off to Culinary School to become a Baker where fate would have me meet Alfredo Ancona at a bakers club meeting.

We have 2 beautiful children, Chiara and Pasquale, and so many adventures together over our 20 plus years as a couple.  All of our passion for family, food and art is all brought together in this cafe which is now going into its 9th year in Sausalito. We have had an amazing opportunity to create a communal and dynamic business centered around the passions that drive us.  Sausalito has given us in return an amazing breadth of salty citizens who are hungry daily for an authentic experience with food and friends.  Tanti Baci a tutti.  Grazie.