Art Installations

At Cibo we are committed to our Sausalito community and the talented visual artists who work and live here. We are pleased to have a space where our local artists can be represented for our community and customers to see all year long.


Artist Notes, Joe Burull

From the moment we are born, we experience separation from our source. We spend the rest of our lives trying to remember that this feeling of ‘being separate’ is only an illusion. My journey as a photographer has shattered this illusion. Here I present some of the events that have brought me to this conclusion, that have brought me to myself. I have omitted words and descriptions from these photographs, because I want you to have the opportunity to experience connection as a felt experience. Pure observation often transcends language. Your inner experience is far richer and more accurate than any words I could offer you. Everything exists in relationship to everything else. Everything is connected. Our experience of the world is dramatically and positively enhanced when we look for how people and things are connected rather than how they are separate, and it’s a lot more fun.

Joe Burull